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Whether you’re aiming to keep growing in a given area or branch out into something completely new, Shidgoun Group experienced teams of consultants can help you make the right decisions in the balance between security and change, and above all implement them effectively.

Access to the right people is the key for your success and thats exactly what we offer.

 Through our integrity, professionalism and highest standards of corporate responsibility, we safeguard our partners’ businesses.


In terms of Legal Assistance Spain, Shidgoun Ltd. collaborates with the renowned Spanish law firm Bielsa y Asociados, Abogados S.A. The law firm was founded in 1961 and is specialized in business and civil law. Bielsa y Asociados is mainly active in Spain but offers also professional activity outside of Spain.

Due to this cooperation we can offer legal assistance in:

  • commercial and bankruptcy law
  • banking, financial and trading law
  • international commerce
  • unfair competition and cartel activities
  • criminal economic law
  • general administrative law
  • urban planning and environmental law

The law firm also joins international arbitrary subjects.

Shidgoun’s legal assistance services together with Bielsa y Asociados can support you also in civil law such as parentage and family issues, inheritance or urban law matters.

We can deliver professional references and clients on request.





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businessMeeting Legal Asisstance Service