Business Developement Assistance Service

Business Development Assistance

Our Group of independent professional consultants acts as a business bridge between Europe and Middle East and provides market access, project management, technical services, investment consulting and legal assistance for companies to expand and improve their business in the Middle East and Europe. Since 2008 we have partnered local communities and agencies on several international projects in support of sustainable business development.

Our main aim is to help companies in Europe to grow their business in new and existing markets in the Middle East and especially in Iran as a big developing consumer market. We also support companies from the Middle East to expand their business in Europe.

We are the key link between companies and clients and elp our partners in growing and adding value to their business and enable them to achieve lasting success. 

Shidgoun-Business-Bridge1 Business Developement Assistance Service
Shidgoun Business Developement Assistance S.B.D.A.


We offer

Access to local and governmental projects – bids and tenders

Project identification, feasibility and preparation

Procurement, tender and grants management

Legal assistance

Policy, financial, economic and market analysis and advice

Monitoring and evaluation

Shidgoun-Business-Bridge1 Business Developement Assistance Service
Shidgoun Business developement Assistance

Our expertise

Renewable energy development

Petroleum projects (EPCF. Engineering, procurement, consulting and finance)

Civil and Urban development

Investment consulting

Shidgoun-Business-Bridge1 Business Developement Assistance Service
Shidgoun Expertise

Our  Advantages

Vast knowledge about the market of Europe and Middle East.

Deep international cultural understanding

Multi lingual experts

Premium network

More than 15 years experience in international trading

Shidgoun-Business-Bridge1 Business Developement Assistance Service
Shigoun International Consultancy

At SHIDGOUN GROUP LTD. we build successful businesses based on Trust.

Our aim is to fulfil our remit properly. Clients rely on Integrity and Objective, Independent advice to help them make Intelligent Business Decisions. For this reason, Shidgoun Group Members adhere to the Highest professional and Ethical principles and strive to have No conflicts of interest.

Professional Excellence is one of our foremost principles, and is applied by SHIDGOUN GROUP at every level.  This constant effort to deliver the highest possible competence leads not only to Client Satisfaction, improvement in business lines and staff development, but it also demonstrates the most reliable proof of our independence.

The SHIDGOUN GROUP  spirit encompasses the relationship which exists with clients, each other, ourselves, our principles and the SHIDGOUN GROUP  philosophy. It sums up how we practice our passion to serve, on both a collective and individual level. Our aim is to always put the client first, which shows a strong commitment to resolve clients’ issues, improve their business, advance their goals and surpass their expectations.

Your success is our mission

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Shidgoun-Business-Bridge1 Business Developement Assistance Service