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shidgoun-back-groun Procurement Consulting Service
Shidgoun Procurement and Supply Service

Due to our vast experience in trading and valuable network of world famous suppliers and manufacturers of Oil and Energy equipments we are able to advice your procurement in field of :

  • Oil and Gas equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Renewable energy

 Oil and gas equipment

  • Pumps such as submersible pumps, vertical pumps, monoblock pump, horizontal pumps.
  • Pipes and tubes: carbon steel, stainless steel and different quality of alloy pipes (seamless and welded)
  • Accessories as well as a whole range of straps with different qualities, pressures and dimensions, DIE accessories, cast  steel, forged valves and all general component for the installation of  pipes and conduits
  • Pressure equipment and vessels, tubular beam inter-chargers, evaporators, tanks, process columns etc., atmospheric equipment and vessels (tanks, fluid side dryers, soils, hoppers etc.)
  • Electrical panels of medium and low voltage: Cubicle M.V, motor control center, power distribution panels, protection panels, automation panels, automation and microprocessors panels, command and control consoles, synoptic tables of polycarbonate, mosaic, serigraphs and methacrylate
  • Generators and electronic instruments

Industrial machinery

  • Recycling machinery such as standard crushers, pre-granulators, semi-granulators and granulators
  • Industrial machinery such as drilling machinery, mining machinery, civil work machinery etc.
  • Different type of locomotive tamping machine, ballast cleaner, stabilizer track machine, portal crane-track laying, hopper wagon etc.

Renewable Energy

We assist you in supply of a wide range of renewable energy products such as:

Photovoltaic modules, Solar kits, Solar cells, Wind turbine, Hydro turbine & Bio turbine

shidgoun-back-groun Procurement Consulting Service
Shidgoun Group Renewable Energy Supply

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shidgoun-back-groun Procurement Consulting Service


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shidgoun-back-groun Procurement Consulting Service

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shidgoun-back-groun Procurement Consulting Service

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