Investment in Iran

Investment in Iran

  • Iran is a difficult market and to know the right people is a must
  • S.B.D.A. is at the heart of this attractive market
  • S.B.D.A. has a premium network in Iran and can offer you market access

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The sanctions against Iran are soon to be officially lifted and Iran is reintegrated into the world economy. Iran is a vibrant nation with a huge economical potential due to its vast natural resources and its ambitious, highly educated young population. Iran is the second largest economy in the Middle East after Turkey. The country with a population of 80 million and isolated for the past decade is a very attractive market for Western companies. Companies and delegations from the West are queuing.

However, doing business and investing in Iran is very complex and needs the right people to avoid lots of headache and unwanted costs. Bloomberg has recently published an article As Bloomberg writes, “international investors will have to cope with obstacles including government control of as much as 70 percent of the economy, a judicial system deemed unfavourable to foreigners, a dual exchange rate and a culture in which tough negotiations often go hand-in-hand with doing business.” Companies have to deal with different state actors and a different culture of negotiation, which makes it tricky for companies without any experience in Iran. Shidgoun Group is a business bridge to overcome these challenges.

The Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said that the government welcomes the participation of foreign companies to inject capital and technology. The main channel will be through joint ventures with local companies.

As Mohsen Jalalpour, chairman of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries mentions, “our advice to European countries is that if you want to have a sustainable presence in Iran, look at accompanying and investing alongside companies in the private sector”.

In order to be successful in Iran, European companies will need local and trusted partners with the knowledge of both markets and business cultures. Shidgoun Business Development Assistance is exactly such a partner for European companies targeting Iran as a market. SBDA offers market access for European companies in Iran.  We help our clients to find the right local business partner and to avoid the obstacles they may have to cope with.

There are a lot of opportunities in Iran,” Giulio Haas, Swiss Ambassador to Iran, speaking at the conference at the Kempinski Hotel on Lake Geneva. “You will have to go after them cautiously. But Iran is a country that wants to develop. This is not a basket of gangsters, it is a BRIC in the making.” Iran is an unknown and exotic but with the right partner a very promising market for Western companies. There is a huge pent-up demand for infrastructure projects in Iran in energy sector like oil an gas but also in civil construction after the decade long sanctions. SBDA assists Western companies in Iran to identify the right projects, accompany them in tender and bids of local and governmental projects, offers procurement and supports them in legal questions.

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